The ABC of the right way of sitting

A SITWELL STEIFENSAND AG check list for the appropriate way of sitting in an office

When you are walking and running, a large number of muscles is constantly in motion and thereby trained. And this constant movement guarantees the health and fitness of your body. When you are sitting on ordinary modern office chairs, it is practically impossible that your muscles move in a way that guarantees the health of your organism.

The posture on those chairs is rather fixed. Moving – while sitting – is only possible to a very small extent. And that during 80.000 hours you spend in an office in your working life. What can be done about that?

The Sitwell check list “The ABC of the right way of sitting”, which was developed by acknowledged experts for industrial medicine, sports medicine and orthopaedics, gives you precious advice how to sit well both in your office and at home.

If a chair forces you into a certain sitting position, many muscles are no longer sufficiently activated and therefore degenerate (=atrophy). That causes a strong and exaggerated curve of the spinal column, which extremely strains the discs.

This constant strain is responsible for the degeneration of the discs which causes chronic backache. According to new academic knowledge, ordinary office chairs can endanger men’s fertility and their ability to reproduce.

The fact that they don’t move enough, that their blood vessels around the pelvis are squeezed together and are constantly being overheated can lead to these embarrassing results.

This is why Gernot Steifensand, son of the famous pioneer of disc-friendly Bürostuhl and swivel chairs, hired three acknowledged experts to develop a check list for the appropriate way of sitting in an office: Prof. Dr. Theodor Peters – a specialist for industrial and social medicine from Dusseldorf, Dr. med. Peter Stehle – a specialist for sports medicine from Bonn, and Dr. Michael Sababi- an orthopaedist from Los Angeles.

This free check list gives precious advice for a gender-specific way of sitting that takes into account the characteristics of your body.

For years Gernot Steifensand has been dealing with the difficulties of sitting in an office. Practical observations as well as a whole array of medical insights have led to the development of a new generation of office swivel chairs that respect the specifics of the body’s system of muscles and nerves and that place special emphasis on comfort and well-being.

Besides, they also respect the different needs of men and women.

These new chairs are called Lady Sitwell and Mister Sitwell. All muscles, especially the ones in your torso, back, shoulders and arms, are trained by continual stimuli. Those muscles support and relieve your spinal column. Discs and joints are kept fit by soft micro movements. Thereby also your metabolism is stimulated. That strengthens both the functions of your heart and your lung and increases the oxygen supply of each cell.

This again leads to improved efficiency and well-being. The office swivel chairs that respect the specifics of the body’s system of muscles and nerves also take into account the gender- and size-related differences.

You can get the check list ‘The ABC of the right way of sitting” for free at or at

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